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We are currently preparing a new production of FWD/HWD equipment.

Airfields PCN Assessment

The company RODOS performs measurement of bearing capacity of the airfields pavements using device HWD (Heavy Weight Deflectometer). The device allows to perform load tests  by impact load simulating load of aircrafts up to the force of 300 kN, respectively of contact pressure of 4.25 MPa. A wide range of load setting allows runways deflection measurement in scale from small sport airports up to the largest international airports. The force is chosen with regard to the type of pavement so, that induced deflections are in the optimal range for further processing. 

Calculations using ACN / PCN method
are performed by U.S. Army computer software PCASE version 2.08 - based on the deflection values measured by ​​HWD. These tests give a real evaluation of the state of each construction layer. Subsequently the established PCN value expresses the real bearing capacity of the pavement structure. 

PCN values ​​are published in the form of percentiles for each area. This form allows the administrator of the airport to choose percentile value which:

  • ensure the integrity of bearing capacity of all surfaces (i.e. the possibility of movement of the aircraft from the runway through TWY up to PRKG and vice versa)
  • respects the airport marketing plans
  • respects the maintenance and reconstruction plans

 Practical use of percentile expression of PCN for Administrator of the airport:

  • for example PCN value at level of  percentile 20 expresses probability of failure appearance caused by traffic load on 20% of the assessed surface area before the expiry period. The same, 60th percentile is the probability of failure of 60% of the surface
  • on the new area is commonly recommended application of 20th percentile

PCN is determined for planned aircraft movement:

  • for a short time period (1-5 years) in case of areas in bad condition where HWD measured deflections are extra high and therefore rapid reconstruction must be planned
  • for a long time (10-20 years) in case of new areas and elderly areas in good condition

Runway with four homogeneous zones (HZ1 – HZ4)
In order to ensure the operation of the planned aircraft the lowest PCN was set to 71.  This will be reached in the HZ1 with risk of 45%,  in HZ2 with risk of 80% (urgent need to plan reconstruction), in HZ3 with a risk of 17% and at HZ4 with a 97% risk (urgent need to plan reconstruction).

Finally, the accuracy of recommended values is checked by use of FEM method and ALIZE software - see examples.


Ing. Pavel Herrmann - RODOS
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Czech Republic
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VAT No: CZ511210162

Phone: +420 235 361 220
Mobile: +420 608 111 271

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