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We are currently preparing a new production of FWD/HWD equipment.


The company Ing. Pavel Herrmann-RODOS was established in 1995 for the purpose of creating Pavement Management System software for the Czech Republic (PMS). Since 1998, maintenance plans for class I and II roads have been processed by PMS. Over the past a few years, we have extended our activities to other fields, leading to the road data collection and to a complex road condition assessment as well as design of maintenance technology.

During the 90´s we expanded our activities into the field of collecting missing road data, complex assessment of pavement condition and design of maintenance technology. We have been concerned with road diagnostics since 1996, which has become a routine. We have produced more than 1000 pavement maintenance plans for the reparation of roads of all classes and determined the PCN for a number of airport runways in Europe and overseas.

Another field of our activity is the manufacturing of FWD/HWD (Falling Weight Deflectometer / Heavy Weight Deflectometer which is the device for the measurement of pavement deflection by means of damped shock load. We have also developed appropriate software applications for this device.


Ing. Pavel Herrmann - RODOS
Kralupska 2/47
161 00 Praha 6

Czech Republic
ID No: 64896765
VAT No: CZ511210162

Phone: +420 235 361 220
Mobile: +420 608 111 271

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