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We are currently preparing a new production of FWD/HWD equipment.


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Technical description of FWD/HWD Test system 
The FWD/HWD is a foldable single axle trailer made from steel profiles and elements zinc coated, equipped as a standard FWD. By adding additional mass it can be operate as a HWD. Its advantages are smaller dimension, quick and easy folding to about one half, user friendly operation, connection with notebook with only two thin cables and high speed hydraulic system.

• Length of unfolded HWD is about 363 cm
• Width of HWD is 169 cm
• Height of HWD is 117 cm
• Height of towing ball is 45 cm
• Weight of falling mass is about 320/600 kg
• Dimension folded FWD/HWD will be (LxWxH)215x170x100cm
• The total weight of FWD will be approximately 900 kg or HWD 1180 kg.

• Max drop height is 47 cm
• Working impact load is 5 - 18 t (FWD)
• Max impact load is about 10 - 30 t (HWD)
• Working time on one measured point and 3 drops about 25 sec

Hydraulic system powered by 4-stroke petrol engine B&S 6.5 HP
B&S engine run the hydraulics and supply FWD/HWD with all electric power needed for all running process with only a small battery
This solution is independent on towing vehicle

Electronic Control and Measure Unit placed on trailer connected with USB cable to notebook
Load cell up to 500 kN
9 geophones placed on front measuring bar in distances 0-30-45-60-90-120-150-180-210 cm with possibility to choose 7 of them to create standard file needed for back calculation or use all by survey of junctions and cracks

Field software for notebook allows operating the hydraulic system either automatically or manually.
Field software will allow the operator to change the length of any cycle of working process, number of drops up to 20, sequence and height of drops to create required impact load
Field software will acquire continuously all measured data from load cell and all 10 or 11 geophones
Export software enable view time behavior of load pulse and all deflections on any measured point
Export software enables to view the deflection curve and all measured data of all active geophones on any measured point
Export software enables to create standard fwd file used for back calculation

DMI (Distance Measurement Instrument) integrated into field program
LCD monitor with camera mounting on trailer for exact placing geophones by measuring joints

HWD is connected with one USB cable to notebook and one video cable to LCD monitor

Optional equipment

Display for Distance Measuring Instrument (DMI)
DMI is standard connected to a notebook where the distance is displayed. There is a possibility to connect external display to notebook and place it in front of driver be more ergonomic. This installation need external display and modified field program

Front camera

Front camera is designated for to capture photos of pavement surface in adjustable step to monitor the failure of the pavement. It is possible to use up to 5 mega pixel camera in waterproof box and connect it to the notebook by using special software for capturing photos in adjusted steps.

There is a possibility to mount two thermometers for air and surface temperature measurement and connect it to the notebook by using modified field program.

Rear extensional bar
Rear intentional bar is designated for measurement with another two geophones in distance of 30 and 60 cm from center of the load. They should give the same deflection as a geophones placed in front of the load plate. They are used for more precise knowledge of deflection bowl. 


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